Comparison of Windows and Linux web hosting plans

Windows and Linux

Windows and Linux

These days, many web hosting plans are available and with each passing day, we come across a new such plan. The web hosting plans are differentiated on the basis of services provided, costs involved and the underlying operating system. The two major operating systems that are in popular use are Linux and Windows. The plans which are based on any of the two operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both of them differ in their performance, downtime, costs involved, and security of website and speed of operation.

Security: Security of the website is of prime concern these days. This is due to various malicious computer programs such as viruses, Trojan horses etc which try to steal important personal data regarding our bank accounts and credit cards, usernames and passwords of various websites etc. Linux is known to have better security than Windows due to the more secure kernels. As a matter of fact over ninety nine percent of virus programs are written for windows. However, you can use various advanced anti virus programs in order to enhance the security of the windows based plans.

Costs involved: Various Linux based plans are priced much lesser than Windows based plans. This is due to involvement of various open source softwares such as PHP and mySQL etc, while plans based on Windows use Microsoft proprietary softwares such as and SQL Server database. Moreover, the Windows operating system tends to use much more resources than Linux and thus it tends to have a higher price tag. However, the dedicated plans based on either of the two operating systems are available at almost the same price.

Downtime: As the Windows operating system uses much more resources than Linux, it tends to load slowly. Even at such a time when the system is not active, it would use more resources. Thus, more problems are bound to take place and more rebooting is necessary in this case. Websites based on Linux are known to have higher up-times and the up-time can even extend up to many months at a stretch.

There are many other advantages which Linux possesses over Windows. Linux has better performance than Windows. It is much faster as compared to Windows. The appearance of certain Linux flavors is much better than Windows. Many operations can be performed with the powerful command line in Linux. Moreover, Linux is known to support much more complex calculations than Windows. Due to such disadvantages, Windows is increasingly getting replaced by many corporations and individuals by Linux.

Portability of Linux operating system is a big advantage over Windows operating system. The websites having a host based on Linux can be easily hosted on a host which uses Windows. However, the reverse situation is not possible. Another interesting advantage is that of scalability. No major changes are required when you want to increase the scale of your operations. This feature is quite useful when you are hosting a blogging platform of your own. Robustness and user friendliness is another advantage of Linux based systems.